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About Trial and Error

My name is Naima Lowe, and I'm an artist.

Naima Lowe leafing through a pile of colorful drawings.

I created Trial and Error because I believe that compelling, challenging, beautiful, joyful works of art can and should be accessible to anyone and everyone. From one of a kind abstract paintings and drawings to limited edition fashion accessories to politically irreverent prints and stickers, these works are designed and produced on a human scale for every day art lovers.

The art works available through Trial and Error are one of a kind or limited editions created in collaboration with small printing and production businesses. Working on a small scale allows me to create work that is responsive to the cultural and political climate, and ensures that each product is made with care and quality craftsmanship. My first experiments with Trial and Error have leaned heavily towards responding to the urgency of the Black Lives Matter movement, while projects in the works include a print portfolio and artist book emerging from my experience living through the COVID health crisis in Tulsa, Oklahoma.