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Collection: Late Bloomer Screen Print Series

Late Bloomer is about the urgency, ecstasy and creative fervor that emerges when we embrace our fullest, most complex and powerful selves. Each vibrantly layered print is based on one of Naima's original paintings, and features a dreamy, sensual, and rich color scheme and loosely figurative forms that evoke bodies and spirits evolving, transforming and melding together through challenging times.

These enrapturing statement pieces will beautifully round out your personal collection of original art by a living Black artist. Let Late Bloomer enrich your space and enhance your collection of original, unique artwork. There are five different prints to choose from, all set within the same visual world, but in a range of color stories. 
Each limited edition, 11.5 x 16.5inch, 4 color screen print is signed by the artist.