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Trial and Error is Hiring!

Trial and Error is seeking a Virtual Marketing Assistant!

About the Company:

My name is Naima Lowe. I’m a multi-disciplinary artist and the founder of Trial and Error. This company is the retail arm of my art practice, and my goal is to grow it into a fiscally sustainable business known for creating accessories, prints, paintings, drawings and homegoods at accessible price points for people who value compelling artwork for their homes and bodies. I founded Trial and Error because I needed a way to share and promote my work directly with collectors and consumers. I’ve been a working artist for 20 years, though this project started in late 2020. 

I am Trial and Error’s only full-time staff. The Virtual Marketing Assistant will be among a small handful of independent contractors who help me with both regular and occasional operations. 

About the position:

The virtual marketing assistant will work approximately 3-5 hours per week at $30 per hour, for the first month. These 3 hours will be consecutive, on the same day each week, so we can do immediate back-and-forth around any details that might come up and I have that in my calendar. My primary work hours are 10am-6pm, M-F,  Central/Chicago time, USA so you would need to be able to work during that window.

At the end of the month we will evaluate: if the working relationship is going well we’ll likely increase your hours, and renegotiate our terms. 

You will need your own computer and a reliable and strong internet connection. 

Tasks will vary, but will likely include things like:

  • A brief weekly meeting with me to set tasks and goals for your 3 hours
  • Creating and scheduling social media posts across multiple platforms (Patreon, FB, Instagram, Twitter) using content that I provide
  • Hashtag research for social posts
  • Simple video and image editing (trimming, resizing, etc.) 
  • Creating promotions for events, exhibitions, pop-up shops, etc. 
  • Copy Editing and Link Checking for email newsletters and blog posts. 
  • Creating Captions and Image Descriptions 

Core Competencies Required for the Virtual Marketing Assistant:

  • You complete tasks on time and well.
  • You proactively talk to me when there is a barrier to your successful completion of tasks.
  • When you are given tasks, you are able to go in and make all the micro-decisions that need to be made to complete the task well (you don’t need hand-holding).
  • Excellent writing skills
  • Detail-oriented and patient
  • Confident, creative problem-solving
  • Organization - on your computer, in your life, and with your schedule 
  • Able to do all work by deadline
  • Ability to learn and use new technology
  • Direct and honest communication 

Current Tech Stack:

Google apps: Drive, Docs, Sheets, Gmail, Forms



Adobe Apps: Photoshop, Premier, Lightroom

This position has the potential to grow as the Trial and Error grows this year.

In order for that to happen, you’ll likely have some combination of the following additional competencies or strengths (don’t worry, you would not be expected to do all of these):

  • You have a deep understanding of small business marketing and e-commerce
  • You geek out thinking about the intersections between fine art and commerce
  • You’re aware of how the larger societal issues of inclusion/exclusion, power, privilege, access and marginalization can play out in communities, and want to lead and/or learn, develop, and apply practices for equity, especially within the arts and other creative fields. 
  • You’re able and willing to address conflict head-on.
  • You’re technologically savvy, experienced with social media, and able and willing to learn new software. 
  • You are a good integrator - excellent execution is your love language. Designing beautiful systems, and using them effectively, makes your heart sing.
  • You are an excellent writer
  • You are great at visual design and/or motion design
  • You are skilled in branding and marketing, and want to take on larger decision making responsibilities in that area. 

This Position Would Not be a Good Fit for You if:

  • You are stronger in ideating, creating and relating than you are in execution and mastering the details (I’m looking for someone to step into the places where I am less strong)
  • You have life circumstances that make you unable to be consistent in your hours and ability to complete tasks on time most of the time. 
  • You struggle with learning new technology.
  • You hide out when struggling with a task or when unable to complete it on deadline, rather than being proactive in communicating.


Please contact Naima Lowe at with interest in the position.

Tell me a bit about your experience, interest and strengths as they relate to this position, and send your resume.

Trial and Error is a company that highly values diversity, equity, justice and inclusion. I encourage Black, Indigenous, Latinx, Asian, trans, nonbinary, queer, and those who hold other marginalized identities to apply.