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Collection: Works On Paper (Quarantine Studies)

A Series of Small Paintings and Drawings specifically created for small domestic spaces. The pandemic has made it difficult to remain connected to each other, but these works invite intimacy and warmth. 

When the pandemic hit I was in the midst of recovering from an assault and the institutional racism that followed it. I needed a refuge, and I found that in creating small abstract paintings and drawings at my dining room table. Through daily practice I developed a visual language inspired by topography, maps, scars, attachment and desire. I delved deeply into a few key formal questions (depicting depth, tonal variations, the color pink) and gave myself permission to remain playful and curious about the process. This work is meditative and calming, and it springs from a deep investment in my own emotional and spiritual survival.

I started sharing pieces on social media out of a desire to connect, and was pleasantly surprised to find people interested in the work. When I started selling the works, I realized that there is great joy and pleasure in imagining my work in people’s hands and homes. The pandemic robbed us of so much touch, but by committing to caring for myself, I found an alternative way to share tactile, visceral experiences.